System Programmer joining Ludum Dare, The Adventures

Good evening everyone! This will be my first time joining the Ludum Dare game jam. I'm very excited to go head-first into this new adventure. Although I have some experience creating games, I actually never finished one and I like the process of designing the engine more. This weekend will be the first time I design a game from scratch. I won't use an engine, just javascript (yes, javascript.. I don't like that language at all, but it is flexible enough for me to feel comfortable). It was recommended to create some sort of browsergame, and I like to have control over every pixel. I'll also use a combination of PHP and a MySQL database to make some sort of interaction between players possible. It won't store any personal or sensitive information, just an alias at most. The plan behind is not defined yet, I just like interactivity to play a role in the upcomming game. Maybe you think I'm crazy not using any kind of engine, but as a low-level system-programmer I'm somehow used to it, and I like to have control over every aspect of the game. The thing I am most nervous about is the fact that the theme will be revealed saturday at 00:00AM here in the Netherlands. I'm not the most productive late at night (which is funny because programmers are known of their productiveness in the middle of the night). I'll just look at the theme, will spend an hour brainstorming some ideas and then I'll take a good night rest to start at 07:30AM in the morning. You can follow my progress here on the ludum dare website, or on my website: http://wouter52.com/?page=ld47

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