System Programmer showing off (his setup)

Good evening everyone! It is time to show you my strange but extremely effective setup. Let me walk you through. The whole system runs on Linux (elementaryOS to be specific). It is my favorite OS, but there is one teeny, tiny detail that just won’t run stable on it. My favorite paint program: Paint.NET. That is why I have a separate virtual machine with Windows XP just to run it. Don’t worry, I am aware XP is dead for years. I won’t do taxes on that system of course :P Over at the right-hand side of the photo, you can see my rubber duck. It helps debugging by just listening to my frustrations. It is called “the rubber ducky effect”, google it if you are unaware or skeptical about this effect. I use pen and paper to keep notes. That is how I like to do it, I was that weirdo in IT class writing everything down while everyone else used OneNote or some other kind of note-taking-app Lastly, a good office-chair. It is not on the photo, but I think it is the most important of all. I encourage all of you to find a good chair to sit on to spare your back. You only have one of those ;-) Stay tuned for more! I’m planning to share some more stories about my first Ludum Dare Adventures

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