System programmer sharing his game-plan

Alright everybody! In less than 10 hours the game jam will start! Most people are prepping their setup for a weekend full of designing, programming and (hopefully not) headaches. Let me show you around my workplace for this weekend. It is made pure for comfort. I numbered the most important stuff: 1: a system loaded with Elementary OS (a Linux system), a simple code-editor, Trello for tracking progress and a music library FULL OF Bee Gees (to stay alive in focus) 2: a virtual machine with Windows XP and Paint.NET. It is the only (advanced?) image-editor that is simple enough for me to wrap my head around ^^” 3: The rubber duck for the desperate moments when a self-inflicted bug just won’t die 4: a calculator for fast calculations 5: a note block, pen and markers for the idea’s (as you can tell now, I’m pretty old-fashioned in some ways) 6: a laptop (and our cat “Nova”), so we can catch some sunlight while I do some small stuff for the game-programming I wish everyone as much luck and fun in the world! I look forward for all the different creations after the weekend is over :D

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