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pre-alpha 1.8

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pre-alpha 1.7.1

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pre-alpha 1.7.1

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pre-alpha 1.7.1

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pre-alpha 1.7.1

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pre-alpha 1.6.5


Een heleboel is toegevoegd in deze versie. Het is een klein jaar voordat ik eindelijk weer bezig kon met dit spel. Op moment is het te veel om op te noemen, hierbij een lijst uit de officiele release notes: Players have a height now New path finding for guards, much more efficient now Doors close on command now New doors were introduced Solid doors handle light better now Secret walls go through open doors now A bunch of new textures were introduced Open skies were introduced Better texture loading Better texture error handling Upgraded lighting engine (better light mixing algorithm) When player shoots, the ammo count will go down now; ASCII file was changed to ISO 8859 1. Font has changed too. Full screen mode is now possible Windows were introduced Guards can 'say' stuff by pressing space while standing beside them Guards don't spawn randomly in the level anymore The Murder button murders the player (for testing reasons) new item: bullets Guards disappear now and leave bullets behind ‚ÄčThe elevator now actually works (very basic)