System Programmer struggeing with colliders

The first part of the day was troublesome. I could'n get the colliders to work properly. The character (which is a square right now, use your imagination) was just glitching all over the place. I started work at around 08:00AM. Around 12:00PM I was satisfied with the colliders. Around 13:00PM I started at trying to get the level centered around the character (which is still a square). That was surprisingly easy! Withing 10 minutes I had the code working. After that I went on and tried creating an infinite loop. The idea is that the level will expand over time, the first time you play, it will be one screen looping around. When you revisit the level, it will have an extra screen. Getting that to work was surprisingly easy too! It took around an hour and a half. The last half hour I spent on experimenting with the level layouts. I have to somehow program some rules so the computer can generate screens on it's own. Some of the next steps are: Generating screens Creating overworld (4 levels in a loop, every level will expand by one screen after playing). Creating some awesome graphics Creating enimies Creating sounds Within 30 minutes from publishing this log, I will be away for a few hours (life is calling). I would appreciate if you could play it and give some feedback if you have time :-)