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Do you like reading? Then try 'THE COOKIE IS A LIE' :-)

Have you ever lied about eating a cookie when you were a kid? Well, in this epic text-based adventure you will, and it will escalate faster than you can chew… Epic chase scenes, people getting abducted, a Dutch province getting blown to pieces, the king making a guest appearance. In this text-adventure it all happens. There are more than 64 possible outcomes for you to explore. The adventures are short and crunchy, so it won’t take long to complete one or two. After your adventure is done, your lie will be shared automatically among the other gamers. The results of all played adventures are listed on the bottom of the page. The game has been programmed in such a way that more stories can be added. The source is free to use, so you can add your own if you like. I planned on adding 8 stories, but I learned my lesson… I’m a programmer, not a story-teller. The making of this story took 18 hours to complete + 6 hours of correcting all kinds of mistakes. I opted out of two categories: Graphics and Music. I at least have music in my game now, I always find it scary to make/use music. I put some royalty free music in the game, and I made sure to credit those :-) The graphics I am very proud of, I made some baller-edits to existing photo’s I found on the internet. Which is for me quite an experience, haha. But yea, maybe you now understand why I opted out of that one as well, it just didn’t feel right. Have fun with lying in: THE COOKIE IS A LIE You can find it here: https://wouter52.com/THECOOKIEISALIE

System programmer is not programming yet

Hello there everybody! I decided to go a route I would never think I would take. I’m making sort-of a text adventure where one innocent lie deepens to extreme (funny?) consequences sweat_smile Right now I’m plotting the whole story. The official idea was to create 8 stories with each 8 layers of complexity and an average of 2.5 choices. I have been calculating and that means that I would end up with close to 1500 end results fearful a bit much for a jam I would think laughing So I decided to do one story first with 4 to 8 layers of complexity. After the game is complete, I can always add more if there is time. In the screenshot above are three examples of consequences.

System programmer sharing his game-plan

Alright everybody! In less than 10 hours the game jam will start! Most people are prepping their setup for a weekend full of designing, programming and (hopefully not) headaches. Let me show you around my workplace for this weekend. It is made pure for comfort. I numbered the most important stuff: 1: a system loaded with Elementary OS (a Linux system), a simple code-editor, Trello for tracking progress and a music library FULL OF Bee Gees (to stay alive in focus) 2: a virtual machine with Windows XP and Paint.NET. It is the only (advanced?) image-editor that is simple enough for me to wrap my head around ^^” 3: The rubber duck for the desperate moments when a self-inflicted bug just won’t die 4: a calculator for fast calculations 5: a note block, pen and markers for the idea’s (as you can tell now, I’m pretty old-fashioned in some ways) 6: a laptop (and our cat “Nova”), so we can catch some sunlight while I do some small stuff for the game-programming I wish everyone as much luck and fun in the world! I look forward for all the different creations after the weekend is over :D

System Programmer joins the party!

Good evening everyone! Last year I joined Ludum Dare for the first time. I had lots of fun and made some friends along the way :-) The theme back then was "Stuck in a loop", I'm sure lots of you still remember that theme :p The whole process felt like the image I shared here haha. The game I made had some useful feedback though, I'll share the most noteworthy ones: - Add some background music if you have the time - Add a background to side-scrolling levels (don't leave it empty) - Make something special. Something that is interesting in some way. Not "just a game". - If something could be misinterpret as a bug, make sure it very clear it is not a bug ^^" - People liked the score system very much I won't use an engine, just javascript. I still don't like that language at all, but it's very fast to code and does the job well enough for me. I want the game to be playable inside almost every desktop browser. For the backend I'll use a combination of PHP and MySQL. The scoreboard in my previous game was received very well, so I'll do my best to integrate some sort of interaction between players again (e.g. a scoreboard, or some other approach). I have an extra personal limitation for this year's game. There has to be a king in my game! As I'm from the Netherlands and the submission day happens to be Kings day (Koningsdag) in the Netherlands. I thought it would be funny :P This year the theme will be revealed at 03:00AM Dutch time. Which is a bit crazy for me. My plan is to go to bed early and to wake up around 05:30AM. Then I can look at the theme and think about ideas while I eat some breakfast. Hopefully that will be enough to get the most awesome game-ideas known to mankind :D You can follow my progress here on the ludum dare website, or on my website: https://wouter52.com/?page=ld48