by Sode (@sode) This is an interesting game you should add suport for other characters like öäåáàèé. And please use https for security reasons

by Lucky Zucc (@lucky-zucc) I LOVE this! Had a great laugh reading through my own, and other players’ stories and lies. Great job! I can see myself replaying this sometime soon.

by ThatANoNoWord (@thatanonoword) This is a really cool spin to the theme. Going deeper into a lie through a text adventure game that has lots of branching paths. The images used actually helped with the scene, their low quality helped with the wacky situations. Although the starting character customizer is unnecessary if your special character only appears in 1 scene.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @sode Thank you! I’ll make sure to support other characters in my next entry smile Oh, and it was 3 o clock in the morning when uploading it. I did not see that I entered an “http” link.. My website supports HTTPS, so I updated the link

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @lucky-zucc yayy thank you! I’m glad that it made you laugh! I see that your lie ended up clogging some toilets! Those damn kids laughing

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @thatanonoword Thank you for your feedback! The low quality graphics had two functions ideed: setting the scene without giving the player too much information (so there is some room for fantacy), and because I needed to hide some low quality edits. A noise filter does wonders I must say laughing The character appears in to graphics, but I did not have time to add it to more graphics. I had more plans, but I bit off more than I could chew. So it is mostly for the screenshot that is uploaded to the server, to add some personality to all the kids that lied smile

by willjardine (@willjardine) Dang, this is a brilliant take on the theme. Awesome game!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @willjardine Thank you smiley

by nethead (@nethead) This was hilarious, awesome work :D Left me hungry for some cookies..

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @nethead thank you very much! You have earned your cookies 😎

by kr4ft3r (@kr4ft3r) Hey man, good to see you’ve become a steady LDer. No need to feel bad about your story writing capabilities, these are funny, related to human nature, and to the point. Character creation screen is a rare achievement for a LD entry, you clearly had fun making this. Looking at results of other players (you might want to mention that they are listed below the app, I found them by accident), I’m impressed by the amount and spread of possible endings. You are clearly good at making these… Systems.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @kr4ft3r Thanks! It’s great to be back and I plan to continue LDing smile Thanks for your compliments! I can see why character creation is a rare thing in the LD-world. It is a lot of work for a game most people will play once or twice sweat_smile But as you say: it is fun to make and that is what LD is all about smiley I just opened the game on my laptop and I can see now what you were saying: the results of other players are not visible without scrolling ^^” I’ll make sure to test it on more devices next time slight_smile

by Justine D (@justine-d) I had a lot of fun, this is the kind of absurd humor I love. Played a few times and had very different stories, my favorite was the one where I got the wrong guy arrested. Love the programmer art On another note, I was unable to change my gender, I have no idea why. I saw other submissions playing a man, so it must be a problem on my side.

by mujina (@mujina) Hey! Nice game. Loved the character creation with a simple hand drawn sprite. And I loved the bit of “MMO” aspect that there is to the game in being able to see other people’s results! By the way, I saw you live in Groningen. I live there too! Maybe we can get in touch and program something together in the future!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @mujina Thank you for the compliments! The character creation was lots of fun to make, the hand drawn sprite was created in about 30 seconds and somehow it stuck, it was just perfect for the quirky introduction I imagined ^^” Oh and actually, I live in Friesland smile Groningen and Friesland are like The Netherlands and Belgium, always picking on each other haha laughing Collaborating sounds fun for once, but I have to think about it first innocent I’ve never collaborated on an LD before, let alone with someone I don’t know personally. I see that you worked in a team, so I imagine that you are comfortable with it? If you want to collab in a future LD, then you can always ask. This is my email address:

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @justine-d glad you like it! You can change the gender by clicking the blue smudge under “Gender”, did you try that already? That outcome is funny indeed, my favorite is a whole other branch in the story, where there is a police helicopter with a big magnet picking some bad guy in a shady black car from the road. laughing

by nephronhunter (@nephronhunter) And now I am going to eat some cookies. ;)

by 2rek (@2rek) Nothings better than putting on reverse while doing 60 xD I like the style and the humor ;p It’s funny to compare to others endings.

by Zliebowitz (@zliebowitz) Very interesting game. Plays well, the sharing of stories is interesting, and having two runs I was surprised how quickly the stories deviated. I did originally try it on Safari with no luck, but it worked fine in chrome.

by SamarthMP5002 (@samarthmp5002) Cool Game! I love the concept, the audio was not made by you though, maybe add some of your own music? keep up the good work!

by Labete (@labete) I loved that there was some character creation :D. Interesting idea, ok graphics. Quite funny game, cool that player choices have an effect :)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @nephronhunter that’s ok, just don’t lie about it. You now know what can happen wink laughing

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @2rek Thank you!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @zliebowitz Thank you! That is a nice compliment smile I only tested it on the Opera Browser, maybe I could have tested it on more than 1 browser open_mouth I’ll do that next time smile

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @samarthmp5002 Thank you! The audio has always been scary for me. My previous entry did not have music at all laughing Maybe next entry I’ll have a try with my own creations smile

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @labete Thank you for your compliemnts! I had fun implementing that character creation feature smile

by Eugenik (@eugenik) Great game, Love the art style

by nicholassoen (@nicholassoen) Such a fun concept. Love the artstyle & the humor! Great fun!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @eugenik thank you 😀

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @nicholassoen thank you very much 😄

by Daniel Whittaker (@daniel-whittaker) Very fun! Character customization was very unexpected but welcome polish. nice work

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @daniel-whittaker Thank you smiley I had lots of fun making the character creation innocent

by Nikolaj (@nikolaj), cool, big plus for letting me customize my character!

by jaybaus (@jaybaus) I love a narrative game with multiple endings! Really impressed that you included a character creator in a Ludum Dare game as well. Good job :)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @nikolaj Thank you smile I didn’t expect that the character creation would be this well received smile

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @jaybaus Thank you very much! This was my first time making a text adventure, which was an adventure in it’s own way sweat_smile Glad you like it!

by KenForest (@kenforest) O like this, its cool i can customize character and give him name, realy cool dialog game

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @kenforest Thank you very much! smiley smile

by extar (@extar) The phrase ‘Text-based adventure’ filled me with dread, but I was pleasantly surprised with this, it rocks. Usually these games end up with me stuck in a dead end trying to find a way out, so it was great that the story in this marched ever onwards. It’s great seeing the results of other players games and wondering how they ended up in those situations, great work. The music you’ve added is a nice touch, it’s a shame it can’t be rated.

by Sheinxy (@sheinxy) Awesome text based adventure! I really love the fact that you can see other players’ endings on the website, pretty neat touch!

by tengusheath (@tengusheath) Pretty funny game. Impressed you were able to add customizable characters.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @extar thank you for your nice compliment smiley Next time I’ll try to create my own music. Then I don’t have to opt out sweat_smile lets hope it will be a success 😅

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @sheinxy thank you very much! I love that feature too, its funny to read what the players all went through innocent

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @tengusheath thank you! It was about 3 hours work to implement (where I struggled with color codes in javascript for about an hour sweat_smile )

by Ulisses (@ulisses) Haha a lot of fun, I was thinking about the work of writing so many variations. I played several times to see how far I could go, and make it to 11! Very good Congratulations!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @ulisses hah yea it was lots of work. The first day I spent mainly on writing the story and questioning my ability finishing it The second day was spent correcting all the errors I made de previous day 😂 Ooh good job getting so far! To behounest, I didn’t really check which was the deepest story. I think 11 is the deepest you can go 😇

by sonmi (@sonmi) haha gosh, i have to force myself not to tryout every possible ending to be able to play some other games

by Kirby (@kirby) Great game! So cool idea and mechanics. Good luck and my congratulations heart

by Andreia (@andreia) Very fun concept, made me laugh. The character creation is a nice touch, made it feel a lot more personal

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @sonmi Thank you! smiley

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @kirby thank you slight_smile Which mechanics to you mean in particular?

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @andreia Thank you! smile I had lots of fun making the character customization smile

by lexi (@lexi) Really nice game, had more than a few laughs playing this! I especially liked that you also put the endings that other people reached below. Great entry! cookie

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @lexi Thank you very much smile

by Molpe (@molpe) This was unexpected smile Great idea, very nice game heart My LP slight_smile

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @molpe that is so cool! Thank you smiley that brought a big smile on my face innocent

by Doot (@doot) Nice game! The story is simple and cute, with funny choices. The “wall of fame” underneath is a superb idea! I love the character creator 💕 It just felt a bit sad to have to choose between “Genders”. Maybe you could use the wording “Shape” like Nintendo does in recent games? Thanks for the game!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @doot Thank you for your feedback smile I actually have been thinking really hard about the Genders and how that is a bit out fashion these days. But I could not really work around it anymore for two reasons: 1: the story has been built with gender in mind. sweat_smile E.g. “his car” or “her car” 2: the character creator is designed to pick colors from the screen, and I could not figure out within the tight deadline how to make it different than “pink” and “blue” open_mouth Thanks for your suggestions, “shape” sounds a bit better than “gender” heart_eyes

by Doot (@doot) That is very great to hear you thought about it! Those matters are always hard to answer and I guess the best is to always question ourselves and ask people around us! One idea for the first point would be to also ask for pronoun on top of shape. One could chose between “he/him”, “she/her” and the genderless “they/them”. Also just for the anecdote, this becomes even harder when you do localisation. In French for exemple, we do not even have genderless pronouns…

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) Ah, I did not think about “they/them” as English is not my first language sweat_smile Otherwise I would have put a green dot next to the green and blue one slight_smile Some languages are way different than others, and no language is perfect. Luckily languages always develop in some way or another smile

by LeYaoTang (@leyaotang) Amazingly I sell cookies in real life and now I will always think about what will happen to the person that bought my cookies.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @leyaotang thank you smile