Hype! Our plan, learned lessons and some advice :-)

In less than six hours the theme will be announced. I am HYPED! I will be working together with a friend this time (@ithebreather ). This is our schedule for the first day!

  1. When the theme is announced, we do not check it right away, but we go to sleep for the full 8 hours.
  2. My friend will arrive and we will look at the theme together. Then the magical creative process will happen.
  3. Profit!

No, but all seriousness: we will actually find out what the theme is about 9 hours later. That way we will start brainstorming together, we thought that would be more fun.

Things I learned last time:

  • If you add a scoreboard, make sure to support characters like “öäåáàèé”
  • People loved the addition of a character creator. Some kind of player interaction makes the game more fun.
  • If you are making a text adventure, please realize that the majority of the time won’t be programming or making graphics. I spent a total of 24 hours perfecting the plot last time. As a programmer, that was not the most fun experience haha
  • If you do something with genders, think about it carefully :-)

For the newcommers: first of all, welcome and have fun! Don’t forget, the most important part of this weekend is YOU! So:

  • Stay hidrated
  • Take care of yourself
  • Make sure to take a strawl once in a while to clear your mind
  • If you have access to a good deskchair, use it properly to spare your back. Or take a strawl more often if you are limited to the kitchenchair of a couch.
  • Don’t overscope your project to prevent stress.

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