Let's call it a Demo

Alright! Sadly we didn’t finish the game.. Once again we chose one of those ideas that was just to ambitious to finish in just 2 days.. We had simpler ideas, but we stuck with the one that we laughed the most about! And then! You gotta condense your funny idea down to fundementals and codable rules.. Which is (where I think) we went wrong.. The idea was all fun and games, but we didn’t get anything settled down. We spend the first 24 hours on getting our game on, and got busy on “uhhhh how did that work again”.. Sadly, it got to the best of us.. Eventually we did get back on track, got our priorities going, got the crucial things done, but didn’t have enough time to get the crucials down.. So… Lets call this a Demo.. O:-)

The idea:

Our idea was to play as someone who is unstable, where you gotta make the right choice. In everyday life your brain makes an easy decision. But in the end, you don’t want to give a rasional one. And in this game, you have to try to control that decision. You gotta find out how to make a, and ‘the’ right decision! Try to keep your mood up! And try to manage the chaos along the way!

We would appreciate if you play it, rate it and give us some feedback :-)

Because we consider it as a demo, you can leave feedback anonymously if you like to. So don’t hold back, we love to learn :D

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