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In SensenCemetary you try to escape the Sensenmann. As you are running from him, you’ll notice that the gameworld is filled with tombstones, those are the places where previous players met their fate. The place is slowly turning into a Cemetary! As you are running, you have a view tactics that may help - The Sensenmann does not overtake you, if you do not slow down. Jump over bushes and dead trees to keep your speed! - By holding shift, you can see how close he is. If you have a stone, you can throw it at him using left-click. He’ll get startled for a moment - On straight pathways, it is advised to use your running shoes. That way you’ll gain speed for a moment. - Pickup stones and shoes by running over them I advise you to do the tutorial first. It is short, sweet and forgiving :-) How far can you go until you meet your faith?

Extra info for curious people

Here is some extra info, it is not required to play the game :-)

Known bugs (or features??):

- Sometimes, the game just stops working. Really frustrating, I am sorry if that ruins a perfect run :-( Maybe the Sensenmann did that! - Yea, I know: you can draw all over the game-window when designing your tombstone, I would say: have fun with it haha


The game has been written in javascript and uses raycasting technology. First I felt bad for using an existing demo-code base, but looking at the result I am very glad that I choose this route! The codebase is almost unrecognizeable now, and there are lots of little victories littered all around the game, like: - Pseudo-random level generation, that actually works! - Throwing objects - All the graphics have been made by myself, meaning that I didn’t have to opt out - There is a seed-mode added just one hour before submission - The system of uploading tombstone-locations and putting them in the game (with design and all) is just SO AWESOME! That was an idea I had all weekend and I was only able to implement it in the last six hours, as the code was ready enough at that point. - There are actually nightly builds availible, check my website to see all 16 of them :-) The previous jams I would lock myself in (socially) until the game was finished. Now I made sure to give playable versions to everyone who wanted to test it. If you find any tombstones with inappropriate drawings on them, please let me know (screenshot to wouspe@gmail.com). I can set a flag to disable the design for that stone. Play the game here!

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