About CardboardEngine

Cardboard Engine is a 2.5D engine that is currently in development since late 2013. As from januari 2022, I decided to discontinue the Java version, as the code became too spagetti-like. When I started the project, I wasn't as experienced in programming, that means that the foundation is build poorly to say the least. That is why I'll restart development in C++ with SDL as the underlying framework. Development will be documented in more details this time. This engine's purpose is to make Wolfenstein3D-like games with advanced options including: multiplayer, flexible AI and a simple, but powerful, level editor. It should also be possible to share the different levels online for others to play. This will include a rating system to keep the best levels at the top of the list. This is an idea that will be comming later. I started this project to learn how to create a game as a solo-developer. Join me in my journey as the C++ version of Cardboard Engine develops into something great! Check out the development blog for an in-depth look at the Engine.

Feel free to provide feedback. I love that!‚Äč

Yours, Wouter52