This page contains a list of all the projects that can be found on

Cardboard Engine (SDL)In developmentA game engine written in C++ (SDL). It is currently heavily in development. This engine's purpose is to make Wolfenstein3D-like games with advanced options including: multiplayer, flexible AI and a simple, but powerful, level editor. It should also be possible to share the different levels online for others to play. This will include a rating system to keep the best levels at the top of the list. This is an idea that will be comming later.
Cardboard Engine (Java)DiscontinuedA 2.5D game engine written in Java. This engine was in development between late 2013 and januari 2022. It was supposed to mimic the feel of Wolfenstein3D with more advanced features. The project has been discontinued since the start of 2022. But fear not, it's spitit will live on in an all new SDL flavour!
Game jamsOngoing...During a game jam, developers create games from scratch in a short amound of time. Often it is based on a theme. You can read about my contributions in my blog.

Ludum Dare
Twice a year I'll try to attend the Ludum Dare events. Ludum Dare events take place every April and October.