My name is Wouter.

I am a system programmer and I like to develop complex pieces of code that results into something unique, both for fun or for my career. Sometimes I like to program just to have fun. That is why I'm developing CardboardEngine from scratch in my free time.

I am also interested in old, outdated and especially forgotten techniques. That means that I try to distinguish myself from the rest by combining the best of both; old and new. Computers have always interested me. I've been messing around with them since I was a kid, so it took several computers before I knew how to fix them myself. My first experience with computers was with a pentium 1 Windows ME machine. Just imagine... The only Windows you know is Windows ME.. haha :-)

Around 2008 I found out that there is something like Visual Basic when I was messing around in Microsoft Office. Obviously I found the macro features. Soon I had made a calculator in Microsoft PowerPoint. Then I found out there was a much better version, Visual Basic.NET. I installed Visual Studio 2005 and from then on I knew that this was my calling.

Six years later, in may 2014, I was offered a job as a system programmer at Triangle Solutions in the Netherlands. While working there, I completed two studies for application development. I still work at Triangle Solutions to this day.

Qick mockup