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In SensenCemetary you try to escape the Sensenmann. As you are running from him, you’ll notice that the gameworld is filled with tombstones, those are the places where previous players met their fate. The place is slowly turning into a Cemetary! As you are running, you have a view tactics that may help - The Sensenmann does not overtake you, if you do not slow down. Jump over bushes and dead trees to keep your speed! - By holding shift, you can see how close he is. If you have a stone, you can throw it at him using left-click. He’ll get startled for a moment - On straight pathways, it is advised to use your running shoes. That way you’ll gain speed for a moment. - Pickup stones and shoes by running over them I advise you to do the tutorial first. It is short, sweet and forgiving :-) How far can you go until you meet your faith?

Extra info for curious people

Here is some extra info, it is not required to play the game :-)

Known bugs (or features??):

- Sometimes, the game just stops working. Really frustrating, I am sorry if that ruins a perfect run :-( Maybe the Sensenmann did that! - Yea, I know: you can draw all over the game-window when designing your tombstone, I would say: have fun with it haha


The game has been written in javascript and uses raycasting technology. First I felt bad for using an existing demo-code base, but looking at the result I am very glad that I choose this route! The codebase is almost unrecognizeable now, and there are lots of little victories littered all around the game, like: - Pseudo-random level generation, that actually works! - Throwing objects - All the graphics have been made by myself, meaning that I didn’t have to opt out - There is a seed-mode added just one hour before submission - The system of uploading tombstone-locations and putting them in the game (with design and all) is just SO AWESOME! That was an idea I had all weekend and I was only able to implement it in the last six hours, as the code was ready enough at that point. - There are actually nightly builds availible, check my website to see all 16 of them :-) The previous jams I would lock myself in (socially) until the game was finished. Now I made sure to give playable versions to everyone who wanted to test it. If you find any tombstones with inappropriate drawings on them, please let me know (screenshot to wouspe@gmail.com). I can set a flag to disable the design for that stone. Play the game here!

I reached the goal for the day!

Today was great! I reached my goal for the day; making a playable game. There is a lot of stuff I'm proud of, such as: the random level generation, the fact that colission works, the wonky ai which is pretty scary actually ^^" Tomorrow I'll add more features. I like to keep track of everybodies scores. The places where people died, will have a tombstone for instance. Also.. Powerups!! Lets see how crazy this game can get! You can play a prototype by clicking here! Right now there are 7 prototypes, in the future more will be added. The 7th is the final one for today.

Prototypes, prototypes everywhere!

I have a fun idea. You are being chased by the grimm reaper in an endless foresty-like area. When you make a mistake, or accept that you can't run from death, the game will end. This morning I spent creating/modifying code to make a random level. Now it is truly random, in it's final form it will be pseudo-random. Meaning every level is still random, but for every player it will behave the same. I plan to make the pathway branch out in diffrent segments. Some will path will come to a dead end, ending your life as well. You can play a prototype by clicking here! Right now there are 3 prototypes, in the future more will be added.

05:10 in the Netherlands

It is 05:10AM in the Netherlands right now, I just found out what the theme is: "Delay The Inevitable". First things first: a strong cup of coffee is needed before I can think of fun ideas :D Good luck everyone!

In case Echoes wins

I’m listening to Pink Floyed with Echoes on repeat right now, just in case Echoes wins; I have a fun idea that requires me to know this song in every detail possible :-)

4th time in a row!

LD50 already! This is the 4th time I’m joining. Quick summary of previous entries: 1st time, theme “endless loop”: I made an endless looping platformer. I fell in love with LD and the community right away! The feedback was supporting and helpful. Every year I look at the previous feedback to try incorporate into the next entry. 2nd time, theme “deeper and deeper”: I made a text adventure. Developing the story was tedious, but the result was very funny and the end result was pretty fun. Bonus: my family knew what to do right away! (point&click is easy to pickup of course) 3rd time was a colab with Ithebreather! The theme was “Unstable”. My friend and I had the idea to create a game where you play inside the head of a mentally unstable person who goes to a restaurant to order some food. The end result is a demo, but developing it was so much fun! 4th time I’ll do in solo again, my friend could not make it this time. My personal goals for LD50: - Have fun while developing - Get enough sunlight - Don’t develop back problems - Get into the top 100 for one of the categories - Being able to create all graphics and sounds myself Somehow I hope the theme will be something surreal this time, the picture above is something I would consider almost surreal. Something like “Backrooms”, “Dali” or maybe even “Euclidean space” would result in some wacky games! Feedback from last entries I’ll keep in mind: - Make sure the player gets enough feedback from the game - Some kind of scoreboard makes the game more fun - Make the game something special, something a little bit different than usual Tools I’ll be using: - Paint.net + maybe Windows 11 paint if I feel cute - Audacity + SFXR/BFXR (maybe..) - Notepad++ (if I decide to use my arch nemesis; javascript) - Unity (if I decide to go 3D, which is a risk.. I don’t know unity that well yet) - Pen and paper for making notes Have fun everyone! Don’t forget to stay hydrated and use a good chair!