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Here it is! The PIT! A puzzle game where you need to grow and collect your own pieces. In the alien gameworld are 15 flowerpots that can contain a plant (there are some weird ones). Plants can grow flowers/seeds, which can be used to grow more of that plant. Make sure to keep the pots filled!

How to play:

- Use arrow keys to explore world - Press Z or A, to plant or harvest seeds - Press X or S, to harvest plant - Press DOWN key to open playing field (under the bridge) - Use left mouse button to place pieces on the playing field - Use right mouse button to rotate pieces

Some things to keep in mind:

- Points are collected if you complete a row or column in the playing field. - Bigger plants result in more points. But be careful: if a plant grows too big, it will be very difficult to place it on the playingfield. - Seeds can be used to plant new plants, but can also be used to fill those little gaps in your playingfield. Choose wisely!


- Fun fact: I programmed a lot of RNG in this game regarding plant growth. The seeds acctually contain “DNA” to create the same plant (including grow pattern) with a little mutation. So, if you only plant green seeds from a plant that grows to the left, then you’ll end up with lots of that kind of plant. - There are some Meeps hidden in the background. Kudo’s if you know the reference! - PIT means, a hole in the ground. But in Dutch it is also a kind of seed often found in fruits!

Click here to play!

Lots of debugging

After lots of debugging I can say with much joy that I am the best programmer of the world! Well… I had LOTS of issues sweat_smile But somehow, the way these plants generate now is very cool! The base concept is pretty complete already. There is a nightly build availibe below, so you can play with my weird-ass plants! Click here for the first concept

My idea, quick mockup before sleepytime

The theme is announced; "harvest". In this game, you walk around a planet growing and harvesting tetris pieces. At the north side of the planet there is a big pit you can throw them in. Your goal is to complete the tetris to collect points (the lore would call this, “OIL”). The bigger the pieces you throw in, the better quality your “OIL” will become, but the harder it gets.