Justin C Really nice, simple game. The score board was a nice bonus.

wouter52 @Justin C Thank you!

AsodiacAyve Really Cool Graphics, At The Start I Though This Was Like A Steam Game Pre-Release Or Something xD

wouter52 @AsodiacAyve Thank you! Just curious: what did make you think it was a steam pre-release? 😁 Believe it or not, but I'm not really a gamer, so I don't use steam a whole lot 😇

AsodiacAyve @wouter52 The Picture For The Game, The Thing You See Before You Click On The Game... Looks Like A Steam Game ;P

syffin Nice game, but I wish there was something more to spice it up.

wouter52 @syffin Thank you! Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking about making it mandatory to matchup the patterns of the projectiles in order to destroy them. But I figured that would get hard very quick I had also an idea of bigger rocks that needed to be hit twice, but I did not have enough time to implement that 😇

blazecus Simple but effective. Like the theme and style

wouter52 @blazecus Thanks!

Sly-C- This is such an impressive piece of work. I really love the art style, first of all. I like having the option to change the look of it too. The implementation of the score board is really cool too for sure. I found the shield pattern mechanic to be interesting, although, it was very difficult to rotate the shield, while simultaneously trying to defend the planet. Rotating with the keys might make for a quick fix, if that's something you decide to do. Nice game, keep it up!

wouter52 @Sly-C- Thank you so much! And thank you for the awesome feedback! Next time I'll think more about alternative controls :-)

MightyJor managed to take #1 spot on the scoreboard (for now) so I have to document it here before someone with some real talent comes along lol I really like the look of the game, feels really retro. I remember playing games that looked and felt a lot like this growing up back when we had dial up internet and you played games from a floppy disk! The shield mechanic is cool and it's neat to have to protect your backside, though it was also nearly impossible to get any further once your shield was broken...also it seems like the way it's currently set up, whoever is the most patient will win as it doesn't seem to care what heat you're on on the scoreboard. Maybe it does though? I dunno. Anyway, great job!

wouter52 @MightyJor Congratz on your highscore! You are still on the #1 spot I see. Thank you for the awesome feedback!