by Samelgamedev (@samelgamedev) very cool game! i remember following you at the start of the jam because i thought participating in the jam as a system programmer was the coolest thing ever (and i still think it is) my only criticism is that i found sometimes the player would slowly shift to the left or right side of the screen when i wasn’t pressing anything, which i’m not sure was intentional. otherwise i had fun exploring the randomly-generated levels and the high score leaderboard was a cool implentation

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @samelgamedev Thank you for your feedback! I saw your name on the scoreboard, that was a fun experience :D The shifting is intentional, 1 of the 4 levels has that feature. It is supposed to simulate stormy conditions, but I had no time to visualize the wind ^^”. The level should say something like “It’s windy today”

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @samelgamedev when you publish your game I’ll make sure to play and rate it too :-)

by GuaranteedTrainwreck (@guaranteedtrainwreck) Hey @wouter52 ! Seems like you made it to the end too ! (although I still can’t believe I managed a (sorta) finished product) Well done on this one ! The spinning level select is very pretty. Roaming the levels is quite enjoyable, the mechanics feel smooth. I did enjoy the big bounce upwards when you fall on spikes, allows you to bypass big walls ;) edit: just read your answer about the shift to the left, yes a little wind animation and this’ll be perfect ! Good job ! If your in a state similar as mine I’m guessing your already in bed or close to, so good night ! And feel free to give me your opinions on my entry ! Take care

by BellringerQuinn (@bellringerquinn) Interesting game. Great art. Some of the mechanics could use a little work (like the jump for instance). Also, I found the font to be really hard to read.

by Eckkert (@eckkert) Thumbs up from another WebGL team! I see you used D3, that’s a good library. I think you did a good job on the procedural generation, platformers are particularly hard to generate.

by scott.redrup (@scott-redrup) Hey friend nice job on the game - the art is totally gorgeous. If I’m being honest I really didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing. It’s cool how the levels were generated, was this done procedurally?

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @guaranteedtrainwreck Thank you for your feedback! i made it indeed, I was very relieved when the game was published :-) I played your game too, up until now I had the most fun with your game so that is a good sign smiley The spinning level select was the first idea that came into my head while reading this year’s theme. I had to include it somehow, I’m proud how it turned out. Unfortunally I used some graphics from the internet in that screen. I changed some colors and fliped some textures around. But it was too little to call it ‘my own’ so I choose not to include graphical ratings on this game. A lesson learned for next year :-) The big bounce upwards was a last-minute addition which added a lot, I’m glad you noticed. I believe you are in France right? I think we live in the same timezone then, I’m from the northern part of the Netherlands (near the afsluitdijk). I already played, rated and gave feedback to your game :-) Take care!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) Thank you very much! The font is hard to read indeed. Especially the intro screen, if I change the text to all capital letters it would be better. Like in the highscore screen. Native javascript and drawing text to a canvas is a bit of a pain in the butt for these kind of pixel-art games I found out :p I’ll make sure to check out your game too

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @eckkert hah, you had a look at the code didn’t you? smile Thanks for the feedback :) creating those platforms where a hard part of the developement indeed. i did it like this: I first looked at the maximum number of pixels the character could jump over in various conditions. Then I programmed those rules. First each part of the level has a ground on the bottom of the screen (some a bit higher, some a bit lower) then holes are added in the ground and two random spots are chosen to build some platforms from (using the rules from earlier). The first part of each level has a fixed spot to spawn on and some fixed little platforms so the player can’t get stuck. Then a random spot on the right of the level is choosen to start generating the platforms on the next part(s) of the level. Each part looks at the most right platform to decide where the top platforms have to go. Then, the genious part, after all of that generated, every platform gets some extra thickness by looking at every part of a platform. If a part has another part nearby it tries to fill in the gap. It uses a heatmap for that. That heatmap is also used for spaning enimies and powerups :-) The textures are a big hack though. The ground (and everything below) is always stone. The blocks above that are always grassy O:)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @scott-redrup Thanks for the feedback! I understand that the objective was not that clear. I thought that having a door in each level would be enough. The objective is to have fun and gather as much points as possible :-) The idea is that every time you go around the seasons, every level will get larger and larger. The levels are computer generator and in theory limitless (although, I limited the code to 1024 parts because I thought nobody would get there haha) If you are interested in how the levels where made, in the comment above I tried to explain it as clearly as I can :-)

by Just_Dante (@just-dante) Ok platformer with nice graphics. Jumping could use a little help.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) Thank you for your feedback @just-dante :-)

by udo (@udo) I’m so bad at platformers it’s not even funny stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes I enjoyed the death-cascades I sometimes brought myself into: falling down, bouncing on spikey drones a few times, then dying laughing The graphics were great, I also especially enjoyed the overworld loop. Nice work! Hard to believe this is your first game jam!

by Athryell (@athryell) Simple platform but very interesting! I really liked the different weather conditions on different seasons and the fact that you can expand the levels a little at a time. Good gob! Ps: Event if you copied and modified the sprite, the choice is really nice, and copying is part of the learning process isn’t it?

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @udo I saw your name on the highscore table, turnes out you are not that bad with platformers haha Thanks for your feedback! I also can’t believe what I pulled of this weekend, I’m very proud smiley

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @athryell Thank you! Every year is also a loop in some way, hence the seasons ;-) A lot of sprites I heavily modified (like the cops, player, drones and powerups and platforms) but most of the graphics on the donut where straight from the internet, some of them I flipped around or changed the color. The donut itself is all made by myself smile I agree that choosing the right sprites is part of the learning-curve :D But yea that is the reason why I disabled rating for Graphics. It just did not feel right Thank you for your feedback! I’ll make sure to rate your game as well later today

by OddSocks (@oddsocks) Great game. Loved the pixel art. Good classic sounds which fitted perfectly with the style. Theme was spot on, map and levels were looped. Congrats on a fab entry raised_hands

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @oddsocks thank you for the nice feedback smile

by Kultisti (@kultisti) props on makin’ the leader board, that’s so cool for a gamejam entry! otherwise the game was pretty good! there were some challenge on trying to find a good route through the levels and collect as many points as possible. after a couple loops the levels started to feel a bit repetitive but as the levels were quite fast to beat (and computer generated !!!) that wasn’t that big of a problem. great job!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) Thank you for your feedback @kultisti ! A view hours after submitting I started thinking about the repetitiveness of the levels. I was worried it would get boring very fast. Luckily I received a lot of positive reviews like yours smiley

by nardandas (@nardandas) Really fun little game, 4th on hi-scores! I thought some levels were really hard to do without taking much damage, but now I see they were procedurally generated so I understand why. It’s kind of interesting to have a platformer where you can’t play perfectly, and presented a kind of fun challenge once I realized what was happening.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) Thank you very much @nardandas ! I agree with you, making a computer generated platformer while balancing difficulty is very hard :-) That is why there are a lot of med-kits in the levels too smile It’s nice that you are so open minded about it being a fun challenge Being 4th in highscores is impressive, good job! I’ll make sure to rate your entry later tonight after dinner smiley

by offlebaggins (@offlebaggins) Nice job! The scoreboard is a nice touch, I got second place! I like how high you get propelled when you jump on enemies and how you can chain those jumps together. The different seasonal level effects like wind were cool too.

by Nekorio (@nekorio) I like the jump effect feeling when you step on the ennemies ! Even if you cannot be rated in graphics, I like the level menu design (the wheel system match perfectly with the theme too!)

by WegPast (@wegpast) All right, it’s an ok game. I wish to see something a bit new in here :p Nice try !

by Wolfier (@wolfier) So i’ll say a few things. First off I didn’t know I could jump on enemies till I did it on accident(which was early on). I assumed I couldn’t enter the door and needed a key when I saw it, that could be on me though. The design of the drones suggests you can’t jump on them (think spiky shells in Mario) even though you can. On the world map you always go clockwise regardless of which arrow key you push, since the game is based on seasons, map movement shouldn’t be mapped to movement keys as it suggests the game is bugged. You shouldn’t be able to queue movement on the season map as you can’t tell where you’ll end up if you double tap on accident. You should add something to the back ground in levels, even a stock photo would be better then nothing. You should add some background music to the levels as well so that there’s something going on and not just silence. The gameplay was quite fun, the art was quite well done

by LetterAfterZ (@letterafterz) Totally jealous of your leaderboard. I really wanted to get one going, but it was a bit too hard to work out within game jam time. This game reminded me of 90s era PC platformers in a good way. I liked the loop/season mechanics. Great work on this one, a very unique take.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @offlebaggins thank you very much! Second place is impressive! Good job sir. The feature you are talking about was implemented by mistake, but I liked it so much that I kept it in, thanks for noticing smile I had a look at your game too, but did not rate or give feedback because someone in the comments said there is somekind of surprise if you play long enough. And the last screenshot seems to confirm that. I’ll give it another go later today :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @nekorio Thank you very much, I am very proud of that donut-shaped overworld-menu-thingy smiley It was literally the first thing I came up with while reading the Theme for this year The jump effect you are talking about was acctually implemented by mistake, but I liked it so much that I kept it in, thanks for noticing slight_smile

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @wegpast Thanks for your feedback, could you elaborate a bit more? Do you mean that this game could use some aspects that are unique to the genre? slight_smile

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @wolfier whoah thanks for the extensive feedback! Normally doors require keys indeed, so I see where the confusion comes from. I couldn’t really think of another way to signal an exitpoint to the player. The door appears when all of the areas of the level are played. In the first level, the player is in the only area of the level so the door appears immediately, bringing the confusion. The design of the drones was indeed created with that in mind. I forgot that I programmed those enemies in such a way that stomping on top would kill them. I could have changed it, but somehow I didn’t. First I programmed the donut that the player could clockwise and counter clockwise (pressing different keys). My testers told me that clockwise would be more logical (because of the seasons and the theme). The donut shape was not tested very roughly after that, I accidentally created those two bugs you where talking about with that last change. which is impressive haha, creating two bugs with one change. I had big plans for the background (think of palaxing backgrounds and wind animations), there are even sprites with flowers and plants in the sourcecode right now. But I had to shift priority’s because that was one of the last things I wanted to add. Somehow I find music a scary thing to program. My instrumental skills are just horrible and I never really did research for royalty free examples. So music had the least priority on my list this year. But, I totally agree with you! Music adds so much to a game! I’ll make sure to do some research before the next jam starts. Do you have any suggestions where I could look? Again, thanks for your extensive feedback good sir, I’ll make sure to check out your game later today :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @letterafterz Thank you! smiley The leaderboard took a good chunk of my developementtime. I think it took around 3 or 4 hours getting it to work reliably. The backend is very simple (since it is just a game). It consists of a PHP file and a TXT file containing the scores. The PHP file takes a GET command with the user-alias and the points and looks which place that user ended up with. Then the top 9 is sent back and the file is updated with the top 9 people. (so scores get deleted when it gets on place 10 or higher). The PHP code will also send back the scores when no input is given. I’m not proud about the workings, you could literally type in your name and some made-up score and the PHP code will think it is totally legit and put you on the first place sweat_smile but yea, it is just a game so for this application it is fine :) Please take a look at the source, maybe you get some inpiration for the next jam :-)

by WegPast (@wegpast) @wouter52 Sure ! In your game I saw 3 mechanics that are used to match the theme : Falling down that make you reappear a the top Level that repeat itself horizontally Level selection through the 4 seasons But each seems not to be used to it full potential. I can give you some example : Falling from the bottom to the top could make you bump the ground hard, killing nearby ennemies, at a cost of some health point. And if you fall multiple time in the same hole without touching the ground it could multiply the killing effect (as the health point) The repeating horizontal level could allow you to shoot bullet that could hit you in the back if you don’t take time to aim correctly at an enemy The seasons could have more effect that just some wind or sloppy ground, it could make your character get older with advantages and downside (more experience/power, less health point) And for the procedurally generated level I have to say that you should be careful, it seems a good idea to make quick and non repeating levels but it could also break game. For example on one of my run on your game, one collectible item was buried underground. If this Items was something more important like an item continue the game, I would have to reset the level (or the whole game run). What I wanted to say is you have put some effort in your making of this game and you ended with a game. And that is something great ! But what I saw is that you could do better, and I’m sur you will later :) After re-reading it appear that my says doesn’t really look like encouragements, but it is ! You’re on the right way, just keep going :)

by kr4ft3r (@kr4ft3r) Finally, a game where I can squish cops instead of other way around :P I like the main screen design the most, even if you didn’t made all the sprites yourself it’s a good idea and looks effective. Sounds made my dog quite nervous, but still better than no sounds. The game was fun enough for me to reach the bottom of the scoreboard, even though I’m not very good at this type of games. Sadly I didn’t manage to publish my JS browser game in time to have it on LD, but if you find time and willpower give it a spin

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @wegpast thank you very much for your extensive feedback! Those are some great ideas I haven’t thought of smile I had some awesome background graphics in mind for each level. It would have made the levels more themed :-) What you are saying about the danger of computer generated levels is right, that is the reason why I did not make it mandatory to find all items and why I programmed the first screen to have a lot of static platforms. Shooting that bullet and making it loop around sounds like a cool idea! I’m thinking more and more making a sequel now. But sadly my time is a bit limited haha I’m glad I asked you for some more feedback, you have a lot of awesome ideas. I always appreciate this a lot. smiley I’ll make sure to check out your game later this week

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @kr4ft3r haha yea acctually my idea was reversed at the beginning because my girlfriend said that it would be funny to play as a cop because the main menu is donut shaped laughing The original idea was that there would be a second chacter played by the computer as a thief nagging the cop. But the idea didn’t work very well because of the gold-collecting and stuff. So I switched the idea around and made the version you just played. slight_smile I’ll make sure to play and give feedback on your game later this week, maybe you can use that feedback to your advantage the next time you join Ludum Dare :-)

by Somogy (@somogy) Game very well done, I liked the fun provided, good job!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @somogy Thank you very much smile

by NinjaCatz (@ninjacatz) Lacks a background music, but okay. It’s cool that the levels are generated, I liked it. It seemed to me that the zone of spring, summer and autumn is not very different (visually). In general, the idea is unusual, good job

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @ninjacatz Thank you! I agree that a little background music would have been so awesome, next time I’ll make sure to prioritize it better :) I had some big plans for the background graphics which would set the different seasons better apart, but the time was up so I couldn’t do that

by superunknown (@superunknown) Twas fun! I liked the take on the loop theme and the mario-like game mechanics. I felt that perhaps the cops should do more damage or take something away or something. Also, it was not obvious at first that I could jump on top of enemies in mario style. Overall though, excellent jam entry!

by icxon (@icxon) Love the interactive world map. I was not sure what exactly changes in other worlds when I collect gold (and red message appears), but the gameplay was clear enough to me. smile Here is my playtest: