by Zerbu (@zerbu) Great game! I loved the references to the 2k38 problem which, for those reading this who don’t already know, is actually a real potential issue:

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @zerbu Thank you very much! I’ll make sure to check out your game as well this week :-) I see that you are new here! Did you have a nice jam-weekend?

by Theo Hussey (@theo-hussey) Cool concept and graphics. Sometimes the maze can temporarily trap you with no where to go.

by Zerbu (@zerbu) @wouter52 I did, and thanks :)

by kr4ft3r (@kr4ft3r) I could tell the year is 2038 as I was using the mouse in a console lol. The take on the theme is ok, can’t be too harsh there as the theme is kind of restrictive and I am yet to see someone coming up with something other than “stuff happen every 10 seconds”. The game is very cool in all other aspects, ascii much appreciated. Grains of differently colored ascii will always look more lively than 3d rendering to me. Getting randomly blocked from progressing wasn’t super fun, I guess you would add algo to always have at least one passage if you had time. I guess you drew inspiration from recurring nightmares of a system engineer concerning the dark future ahead. All in all congrats on constantly improving with this jam business.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @kr4ft3r hahahha! Forget quantumcomputing, bitcoin or the metaverse, the mouse in console is the next big leap in technological development :P Thank you for the awesome feedback! The ‘things happening every 10 seconds’ is indeed a bit dull, but this was the only fun idea we could execute without much stress in the view hours we had (-: We had another cool idea, but we could not figure out how to make that a game. It was along the lines of this: “Every second someone dies. It is your task to mke that every 10 seconds to restore the balance in the world”. The game was inspired from a board game where you could also get trapped like that. Maybe, if a post-jam version will become availible, we could explore the idea to give the player always ‘some path’ without messing with the balance too much. My girlfriend also found out that it was possible for bugs to spawn somewhere where you could never fix them ^^” I hope that this scenario will never happen in the real world, just like Y2K was not really a problem because of extensive preperations :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @theo-hussey Thank you! If a post-jam version will happen, then I’ll make sure to think of a good solution for that issue :-)

by tinykidtoo (@tinykidtoo) I really like how the graphics look like old terminal ascii art! Clever use of the theme making an ever changing maze. It kept me on my toes. Great entry!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @tinykidtoo Thank you very much!

by sterco_raro (@sterco-raro) Really cool! I loved the mood with constant ticking of seconds and the glitched graphics clock1 I thought it could be a little tedious at first but it really dragged me in, great!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @sterco-raro thank you very much! Glad you liked it eventually :)

by m11 (@m11) Love the graphics - really reminiscent of old ascii art!

by ben_throop (@ben-throop) Great aesthetic, awesome theme use. I liked the atmosphere of this. The changing maze was a nice twist!

by quabmara (@quabmara) So cool! I enjoyed playing it smile

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @m11 Thank you! My teammate made them and I agree with you 100%

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @ben-throop Thank you very much!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @quabmara Thanks! Glad you liked it!

by D34TH0FTIT4N5 (@d34th0ftit4n5) cool game, amazing graphics too the controls are a bit hit or miss though, its possible to get stuck on corners very often, great game though!

by ccollider (@ccollider) Fun game, and I learned something! Really like the ascii style graphics too.

by Stefan Laimer (@stefan-laimer) Nice little game. Great job! Sometimes it felt a bit harsh to be stuck in some area of the maze without any chance of getting somewhere for a couple of intervals xD

by digitaldude555 (@digitaldude555) Nice, love the aesthetic of the game and the sounds, gameplay it’s bit too simple 9/10 I had to change int32 to int 64. Theme was implemented well, without the 10 second count the game would be boring.

by 0X_VOID_X0 (@0x-void-x0) this is a really fun consept, I love how you took insperation from a real work issue and applied that really well to match the theme. great work

by C14 (@c14) Good game! The concept and art style is coooool! Maze changes every 10 seconds, so I need to find the best way to the place in where I can solve more bugs.

by Tricky_Fat_Cat (@tricky-fat-cat) Nice small game, the visuals, and sound are great. I really like the main mechanics. Well done.

by shimmerscale (@shimmerscale) Maybe I’m misunderstanding the controls, but when I try to move through the maze by moving my mouse, the character only moves a little bit before it seems to get stuck on the walls. The art and audio are really nice though! Very techno-y.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @shimmerscale oeh that is not supposed to happen :o is there any way to capture it on film? Or maybe give some information about your browser / os? Then I’ll try to figure out what the problem is. You are the first reporting that issue so I’m very curious Thanks for your feedback!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @tricky-fat-cat Thank you very much!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @c14 Thank you for your wonderful comment!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @0x-void-x0 Thank you very much! We like to bring up that issue because we think that it important, and it is a wonderful real world example to teach people about bits and bytes :-)

by shimmerscale (@shimmerscale) @wouter52 I’m using Brave on Manjaro (Linux).

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @digitaldude555 Thank you very much! I’ll take a look at your bugreport. The int64 should comeup 5/10 times ^^” We had more puzzles in mind, but then the weekend was almost over grin

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @stefan-laimer Thank you for your feedback! If a post-jam version will happen, I’ll try to fix that one :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @ccollider awesome! Thank you for mentioning that, we love to learn people new things in IT-land :-) Glad you liked it

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @d34th0ftit4n5 thank you very much! If a post-jam version comes out, I’ll make sure to try and fix that one :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @shimmerscale Thank you, I’ll try that later in a VM then :-)

by crwohlers (@crwohlers) This is a nice submission! It works well, never any real bugs, though I did encounter a couple of times where I was stuck in a small gap or the objectives were stuck for several straight rounds. Nice job!

by Kizilejderha (@kizilejderha) Loved the gameplay, and the overall atmosphere, also like how most bug fixes are replacing variable definitions with higher capacity data types, since the bugs are caused by an overflow error. Map being rearranged is both mechanically and visually cool, but the way it works often results in layouts where it’s physically impossible to reach any of the bugs. I was doing good until I got stuck in a small corridor and none of the map resets set me free. cool experience overall, I often end my reviews with my personal best score if the game has a score system, but you already have a global scoreboard which is pretty cool :]

by GodDoesPlayDice (@goddoesplaydice) Programming related games are always cool :)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) POSTJAMPOSTER.jpg @theo-hussey @kr4ft3r @d34th0ftit4n5 @stefan-laimer @crwohlers @kizilejderha @ithebreather Thank you all for your feedback. We just released a post-jam version where these issues should be less frequent. We did a view tweaks without rewriting half of the code. Also, there are some cool graphics options now if you press G in-game grin @digitaldude555 I’ve looked at the issue that you reported, but I can’t reproduce it. Maybe the RNG-gods wheren’t with you that day ^^” @shimmerscale I’ve looked at the issue that you reported, but I can’t reproduce it sadly :-( What I found out is that the game does not respond well to mouseinputs when scaling the page. Maybe that is the problem? You can press F11 to put the browser in full-screen, combining that with 100% scaling could resolve your issue.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @crwohlers thank you very much!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @kizilejderha Thank you for your wonderful feedback! I can tell you have some experience in programming :-) Glad you saw that detail Congratz on the 5th place!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @goddoesplaydice thank you!

by saikai (@saikai) Great looking game. The frequent maze changes would work great if it would not box you in constantly(it would be perfect if you could guarantee at least one valid path).

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @saikai thank you very much! We would love that too, but it is not possible right now without rewriting everything. So we made the chance smaller that it happens in the post-jam version (with some clever trickery) :-)

by Dominic Graziano (@dominic-graziano) this was fun. I like that you can just fail until you get it right because I don’t know shit about any of it lol. the fail sound DID get a bit noisy though.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @dominic-graziano just tried it out, it indeed is a piercing soundeffect ^^” Thanks for your feedback though! Glad you liked it! :D

by steinuil (@steinuil) Pretty cool game, the premise feels almost too real lol. I almost thought there was something wrong with the RNG when I noticed that most of the changes were from 32 to 64 bit ints but I realized it does make a lot of sense in the context. I like the aesthetics and the animation when the map changes. I did get stuck in small corridors a few times for several turns in a row, though I guess these things happen when you go full RNG in a game jam :)

by amarokczukay (@amarokczukay) clever use of the theme, the mechanic is really interesting! art is nice, great job!

by Skel3ton (@skel3ton) great game, the graphics look terrible at first glance, but then when you realize that it fits the theme and then play for a while, you will actually find out how great the graphics are. I really liked the glitch animation. Which annoyed me a bit when I got stuck in a dead end and ten seconds later I got stuck in another one. That was frustrating and it would have been nice to have some sort of wall breaking feature or something. The idea is good and even though I didn’t know what to do at first, I got the hang of it very quickly.

by Defrag (@defrag) Really nice aesthetic. I played the jam version, and got spent a few cycles stuck, unable to heal any bugs. It looks like you addressed that in a post-jam version, however. Fixing the bugs didn’t seem all that difficult, once I got to them - it seemed all I had to do was find the answer that had ‘int’ whenever it asked for an ‘int’. Were the bugs supposed to become more complex or difficult over time?

by sslees (@sslees) This game made me smile! Reminded me of the games that came on more than one floppy disk… Really impressive graphics, very creative entry. I also really enjoyed navigating with a mouse, even though I completely expected a console game to use arrow keys. Guess that’d the y2k38 bit!

by TranziT (@tranzit) it was really fun, i know its hard to code but the bugs were inaccesible a lot of times and that made it a bit harder than it should, but no problem really, cool game, keep it on

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @defrag thank you for your feedback! the code is written so there could have been more puzzles, but then the time was up ^^” There are two puzzles now: changing int32 to int64 changing int to long We had ideas for the following puzzles: changing the value to a higher number changing the value to a lower number a variation on the existing puzzles, with other int64 and longs mixed-in I could tweak it a bit today or tomorrow, but I don’t know if I disturb the balance too much if I do ^^” I’ll let you know if I added / changed puzzles :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @sslees Thank you! Yea, in 2038 the ‘mouse-in-console’ thing is cutting edge technlology laughing

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @tranzit yea, random code is very cool to work with, but also frustrating at times. Although, it was a bit intended that some bugs would not always be accessable. In the post-jam version we fixed that bugs are inaccessable for the rest of the game. So if that happened to you, you could try the post-jam version :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52), published 6 m @digitaldude555 @steinuil @Defrag I added two more ways to fix bugs; select higher / lower number You can play it in the post-jam version (just select it from the main menu) grin

by kiririn51 (@kiririn51) Pretty good concept and I like the noisy visuals. Others have pointed it out probably, but it’s easy to get stuck until you get a game over since the labyrinth generation has a nasty habit of trapping you without an exit. I enjoyed the simple hacking as it adds a lot to the game’s intent within harsh constraints.

by SimonO (@simono) Ah flashbacks of Y2k Panic, sold-out supermarket shelves and fears of planes dropping out the sky! I love the changing labyrinth mechanic tied to the theme - really original and not seen that in any other entries yet - the bug fixing mechanic works great (esp for programmers :P) and the visuals are a perfect fit for the experience. I got a little confused at follow mouse controls at first but soon got the hang of it. nice work!

by ubershmekel (@ubershmekel) That took me like 25 minutes to get to zero bugs. I’m not sure why I felt I needed to get there, but this game was just the right amount of hard that I got super frustrated, but still felt motivated to go for it. I still can’t believe how often I can’t go anywhere, and how often there’s no path to a bug. In a way, the cruelty and frustration were a bit of a motivator. I wonder if this game would have been as fun if it was less frustrating. I loved the nostalgic ascii gibberish art. Thank you for the game!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @kiririn51 thank you for your feedback! Did you try the post-jam version? It should trap you less grin

by Demogia-AV (@demogia-av) Overall, I really enjoyed this game. The theme is well present even if it relies only on a “wave” system of enemies. The graphic design is minimalist and efficient. The graphics are in line with the theme of the game. The visual feedbacks are just as effective. From a visual point of view, it’s great. However, the gamaplay in my opinion has a major problem in the movement system. The randomization or at least the random change is both a strength and a weakness. Indeed, there are certain situations where you are stuck and you can only hope to reach a bug, and pray that the new pattern / path allows you to reach a bug. Apart from this path problem, the game is really fluid and excellent. Confusing at the beginning if you don’t know anything about programming, but when you observe better, the instructions tell you what to do. You did a great job of giving the impression that you need programming skills when all you really need is to read. postscript: sorry, not being good in English, this is a Deepl translation from the French language Translated with (free version)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @simono those must have been scary times! I’ve seen countless documentaries about it, but when it happened I was 6 years old and did not even know what computers were at the time sweat_smile Thank you for the wonderful feedback!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @ubershmekel haha yeah it is strange that the right amount of frustration can hook someone like that. Glad that you enjoyed it! But wouw! 25 minutes! Then you must have had at least 1500 points! I can’t see your score in the score table. Do you know what your score was? Or did you just click away when all bugs were solved? We programmed it like an arcade. Once you get 9 bugs, you will get a BSOD with the final score. When you press ENTER the score is send to our server. I suspect that you did not press enter? Maybe I could add your score manually if you would like? Glad you liked it!

by ubershmekel (@ubershmekel) @wouter52 I was aiming for my own goal - to have zero bugs. So I restarted the game many times until I had a favorable 3 bug start, and prayed to get a good pathable shuffle.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @ubershmekel ah like that! That is actually very cool!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @demogia-av Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires ! Je suis d’accord pour dire que le générateur de labyrinthes aléatoires est une arme à double tranchant. Il peut être frustrant de perdre à cause de quelque chose que l’on ne contrôle pas. Nous avons pensé qu’il était important que les instructions soient claires pendant le “débogage”. Je suis heureux que vous l’appréciiez ! Post-scriptum : désolé, je ne suis pas bon en français :-) J’ai aussi utilisé la traduction Deepl pour vous :-)

by real_flamingicecubegames (@real- months ago This game was alright. I feel like the gameplay was a little too simplistic, and there really wasn’t much variety with the prompts given for bugs. I did like the graphics and atmosphere however. Some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen in the jam so far.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @real-flamingicecubegames thank you very much for your feedback! I agree that the gameplay feels a bit simple. Personally I like that kind of games (esecially when it is almost bed-time haha), but I understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Did you try the post-jam version? (you can select it from the main menu). It has so more puzzles to fix the bugs. Maybe you’ll like that better

by real_flamingicecubegames (@real- months ago I’ll give it a shot later. Thank you for the reply.

by JoeDev (@joedev) Woah this is soooo polished! I absolutely adore the retro hacker aesthetic and the idea of the shifting maze of bugs. Good fun, although I got tracked quite a few times for 3-4 refreshes in a row sweat Super impressed you made this in the time given, really good job!

by Fax (@fax) Immersive aesthetics. I like the global mood. The errors are hard to debug but i’m not actually a real dev ! Congratulations.

by jadedResearcher (@jadedresearcher) Oh, I LOVE this game, its exactly my vibe. Ever shifting labyrinth of broken code… You’ve inspired me. This is my fav of this jam for sure.

by Guardaro (@guardaro) Oh man, this immediately took me back to 1995 and learning how to make my first games in QBasic. I used that little smiley face character for everything, and I haven’t thought about it in years! Love the aesthetic choices generally. Also, mad props to any game with a leaderboard! The gameplay wasn’t the most engrossing (especially the times when I was randomly stuck in an area with no bugs and just had wait 10 seconds before I could do anything), but overall it was a neat experience.

by Faust_Mi (@faust-mi) Nice and Mood game! I got real pleasure and fun play. Excellent Job!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @joedev thank you for your feedback! Glad you like the graphics smile I’ll let my teammate know

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @fax thank you for your feedback! Above the yellow text while solving bugs, there is a little instruction you can follow, did you see that? :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @jadedresearcher oh wouw thank you so much! That is a huge compliment! Glad you liked it so much smiley

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @guardaro hih, thanks! The little smiley resonated with us too, it looks so happy and ignorant sweat_smile The leaderboard is something we always like to add if there is time. I did it in previous jams too, so it became sort-of a template I can add in a view minutes. It adds to the experience indeed ^^ I can see why the waiting can be a bit dull, thanks for that feedback! We’ll make sure the next game won’t have elements that needs waiting&frustrating innocent

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @faust-mi Thank you!

by Geckoo1337 (@geckoo1337), published 6 m Great entry with an unusual gameplay which fits with the theme. The main idea is amazing - and I like the main aesthetic too. The way you manage the maze - how it changes after a while - the broken code on screen when you reach a bug, its selection… everything is well done. You should elaborate this first release in order to create a full game. Thank you for this experience. One of my favorite entries for the 51th LudumDare session ++

by dxk2294 (@dxk2294) I really dig the artstyle, especially the transition animation every ten seconds. You nailed the aesthetic! I also feel the theme was integrated really well. There were a couple times I got completely stuck in a small corridor that led nowhere, and I felt the “puzzles” to fix a bug where a bit too simple. Still I think the core of a really solid game is there, awesome job!

by real_flamingicecubegames (@real- months ago @wouter52 I gave the post jam version a try. That was way better. A lot of my issues were resolved with that version. Great work. Do you have anymore plans with this game?

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @real-flamingicecubegames thanks for your message! Great to hear that the post-jam version is an improvement

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @dxk2294 thank you very much! The puzzles is an intresting subject this time. Some people say they are too difficult and some say they are too simple ^^” Did you try the post-jam version (select it from the main menu). There are some extra puzzles in there. Hopefully those are a bit more challenging for you grin

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @geckoo1337 thank you very much! That’s a big compliment!

by Tommy (@tommy) Very interesting and compelling gameplay, and great visuals and audio! The only thing that bothered me a bit was the fact that I got fairly often locked away from any of the bugs, so I had to just way for the next scan and hope a path would open (I see you improved this a lot in the post-jam version, but it still happens and it’s a bit frustrating when it does very close to the 8 bugs limit). Also, I would love to see the difficulty increase a bit as you hunt down more and more bugs (e.g., you have limited attempts to solve the bugs, or you have to match variable name and not only the type). All in all, a very strong entry (got me playing for a while), well done!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52), published 6 m @tommy thank you very much for your feedback! And thanks for playing the post-jam version too smile Glad you liked it mostly :-) I think it is a wonderful idea to make the puzzles harder after some time has passed. I’ll think about it for the next jam :-)

by Allie Vera (@allie-vera) I have a weakness for anything that involves going into cyberspace, and I adore this game’s take on it! If only debugging was more like this (though, uh, without the sense of impending doom involved). With every playthrough I developed my strategy, and the competition of a scoreboard is giving me even greater motivation to be the best bugsmasher around. Awesome job!

by MelekTaus (@melektaus) Not only is it still a problem to agree on one datetime format - Y2K38 ist the cherry on the cake laughing Great idea and actually a relaxing game. There are those Old-IT-vibes, love it. And yay, I am in the top byte 5 on the scoreboard v

by mudlee (@mudlee) Hehh, what a unique idea. This will not be the game I play after work though :D Hunting bugs is enough to do for 8 hours :P The concept is neat and I really liked how the map (characters) blocked you moving perfectly. Great job!

by Almax (@almax) I was really enjoying this until the maze kept putting me in closed off areas with no access to a bug rofl Loved the idea though, great use of the theme!

by projectcolorball (@projectcolorball) hsdsg.JPG such a chaotic game! I dont understand the question but I do like the art style!(rate back?)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @projectcolorball I’ll put your game on my list to play :-) Just like everyone else’s who gives feedback innocent Thanks for your feedback. When ‘debugging’ you can see just above the yellow text “change datatype ‘int to ‘long’”, what you need to do here is lookig for the answer that starts with ‘long’ and click that one. So the text above the yellow texts gives a hint on what to do Hope it helps smile

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @almax thank you! The maze can be a bit unforgiving indeed ^^”

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @mudlee thank you! I’m a programmer too, I had a view days off when doing the gamejam. Maybe I missed the work laughing

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @melektaus hehe, just imagine when we need to program compability for marsian timezones when Elon Musk lands his rocket there eventually laughing Thank you for your feedback! And congratz on your score!

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @allie-vera thank you for your wonderful comment! smile

by Matt Ravenhall (@matt-ravenhall), published 6 m This game looks great, but I encountered the same movement bug that @shimmerscale mentioned. In both Brave and Firefox (on Pop!_OS), the player only moves a little bit then gets stuck in corridors. There’s also a pink box around the player which isn’t present in the images in your description. Brave: epoch_bugreport_brave.png Firefox: epoch_bugreport_firefox.png

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @matt-ravenhall thank you very much for the wonderful feedback! This gives a huge clue why the character won’t move that well. We colision system works in the background with colisionmaps, where ‘pink’ represents everything that is somewhere you can go. Somehow the colors in the images used by your browsers are not exactly the same as the ones on the server it seems. Maybe the browser does some color correction, or maybe the browser downloads them in a less quality (Opera did that in its hayday with the turbo feature). I’ll take a look later with a VM and a fresh install if Pop!OS, I’ll let you and @shimmerscale know if I found something. This is a great opportunity to learn something! smile

by Wouter52 (@wouter52), published 6 m HAH WOW @matt-ravenhall and @shimmerscale I found what the problem in Brave browser is (firefox… no idea…). There is an option in the browser that blocks fingerprinting (found under settings->Shields). One of the things it does is changing random pixels in all found HTML canvasses. My code goes over all the pixeldata and checks if it is EXACTLY #FF00FF, but when Brave changes some pixels, that code sort-off falls appart laughing It is also used for collisions as I said earlier. Turning that setting off will result in my game working. But I can understand if you do not want to do that. Thank you two for the bugreport! It solves a very old mistery with my LD48 game too. Where a screenshot is shared on my website. There were one or two images with random pixels being the wrong color. I used the same code there to key some colors and change it on-the-fly sweat_smile I changed my code, so it will work with your brave browser now. Can @matt-ravenhall also confirm for me if it also works in firefox now? Here is some general information about it:

by Matt Ravenhall (@matt-ravenhall) @wouter52 That’s a crazy cause for the Brave bug, I love the digest. Unfortunately I’m still seeing the same issue in Firefox. Big old pink squares.

by Wouter52 (@wouter52), published 6 m @matt-ravenhall ahh, I could not reproduce it in firefox, no idea what is happening there then ^^” Hopefully Brave is working for you now :-) I had fun debugging this tough nut smile Next jam I will use the alpha channel for these kinds of things laughing

by Perrin (@perrin) Overall I enjoyed this. Loved the graphical style, and the puzzle solving gameplay. I kind of wish the puzzles were a little more interesting and there was more and an interesting escalation over time.

by Lone_Wolf (@lone-wolf) This was an absolute blast to play! I wish I had gotten around to it sooner. It might be a little simple at first, but once you start exploiting the edge cases and less obvious features you instantly become immersed

by Lone_Wolf (@lone-wolf) Finally got top 3, technically first in the original category unknown.png

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @perrin thank you very much for your feedback! Did you try the post-jam version too? It has some more puzzles :-) I agree that there could have been some more difficulty later in the game :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @lone-wolf oe, congratz on your #1 score in the original category! And thanks for the big compliment! I was wondering: what edge cases do you mean? Do you mean the graphics-modes you can change in post-jam version? Later-on I realized that the score is inherent to the amount of time played; every 10 seconds a bug spawns, and every solved bug is 1 point. So I can tell that you played around 20 minutes to get 125 points ^^” Did you like it that way? Or was it perhaps more fun that the faster bugs are solved, the more points the player gets?

by Lone_Wolf (@lone-wolf) @wouter52 If the reset occurs while you’re in the bugfix menu the map doesn’t change. So if you get a well pathed map you can farm it for quite a while before you need to let it change again. It also seems like there are some tricks you can do with where you stand when the map resets, in order to influence how it changes. But I haven’t tested that enough to say for sure

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @lone-wolf oh woauw! Crazy that you found those! In the original version it was indeed the case that the tile where the player was on, did not change when the maze was scrambled. We changed that in the post-jam version so that the tile the player was standing on always would change to a + shape in an effort to reduce the amount of times the player gets boxed in ^^” We did not document that behaviour, so props to you that you found both features.

by Erkberg (@erkberg) Very good game with lots of potential! And it was awesome welcoming you to the stream once again yesterday! Here’s the VOD if you want to check that out again: Youtube video thumbnail

by Paul Avallone (@paul-avallone) Love the visuals and the mood of the game. The maze changing is super cool but sometimes you end up trapped with no bugs near by and you just have to wait. I wish the bugs squashing mini game was more fun than just reading what you should click on and then clicking on that one in the list. Having the mini game and traversal both use the mouse caused short confusion every time it switches between the two. Super well polished game. Great job!

by F1Krazy (@f1krazy) Oh, I remember SensenCemetary, your game from the last jam! Always good to run into familiar faces. This looks and feels great! The graphical style is unique and fits the game perfectly, and I love the idea of the playing field changing around you at set intervals. My main complaints are that bug-fixing feels too repetitive and trivial - you don’t even need to read the error messages, the answer is always int64 or long - and when the maze shifts, you can end up getting trapped and unable to reach any bugs. I had this happen to me three times in a row and helplessly game over’d as a result. (It it helps, I noticed that this is especially prone to happening if you, or a bug, are close to the edge of the screen, and especially if they’re close to a corner. I had one bug trapped in the bottom-right corner that I couldn’t reach for about twenty scans in a row.) I saw you’d addressed both of those in the post-jam version and gave it a try, and honestly, I felt that with the improved maze generation, it was too easy. I was able to repeatedly clear the screen of bugs entirely, beat the current high score by nearly 100, and only lost because I was bored and needed the bathroom. There needs to be some kind of difficulty ramp-up, because I honestly think I could have kept playing forever, had I actually wanted to. As I said, it’s a great game, but it’s clearly not intended to be played for an hour straight like I was able to, and the fun wears off quite quickly. epoch_score.png One other likely bug I noticed: on a few occasions, I got a “change value to a lower number” error where there was no lower number, and the correct solution was to select the number that was already in the code, which makes no sense: epoch.png

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @erkberg thanks again for your feedback and showing our game on your stream! And thanks for teh entertainment last week :-)

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @paul-avallone ooh did not think about the way the controls could be a bit confusing. Thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked the game

by Wouter52 (@wouter52) @f1krazy oeh that is a great compliment! Appearantly SensenCemetary made some kind of impression smile Thank you for the awesome and in-deph feedback! A progressively harder game would have been the answer to our balancing issues ^^” I agree that the post-jam version is a bit too easy now. I tried to balance that with a view harder minigames and the game starting with an additional bug. I see that I messed up with the higher and lower minigame, you found an actual bug! smiley I’ll try to address that later this week if I find the time. The whole minigame/puzzle aspect is based on lots of randomization. That is very easy to make lots of variations, but it can also result in some weird edge-cases ^^” Thanks again!

by Flying Dog Fish (@flying-dog-fish) Unique game concept and a nice execution. The unique artstyle fits this game perfectly. I couldn’t get far because the maze often didn’t give me a path to any of the bugs. Your game doesn’t work on Firefox.

by (@macaroni-dev) I really like the graphics and sound. This game had a great look and feel. And the combination of a maze + quick math puzzles made for a fun time :)