Secret Santa Jam, my letter

This year I will attend the Secret Santa Jam. The idea is simple: write a letter with an description of what games you like, and december 1st it will be sent to another participant. I will also receive a letter, which will describe what I could make.

My letter:

Dear Santa,
This year, I only have one item on my wishlist: a custom-made game, just for me! Here's some context:
I'm Wouter, and I live with my gf and cuddly cat in the northern part of the Netherlands. I work as a manager and backend programmer for a small company that sells monitoring and security software. In my spare time, I like to tinker a bit with some personal projects and game jams, mostly in JS / C++. Also, I'm a metalhead (eg BFMV or Nightwish)
I'm not really a "typical gamer." No fancy graphics card. Games that need more than 2 buttons pressed at the time are difficult for me to understand ^^" My gf has a gaming PC, so if you want to make something demanding, I am able to play it.
Games I like are typically a bit older. Here are some examples of games I like and why I like them:

  • Wolfenstein 3D ('94), Spear end of destiny by Areyep. I like that it is very simple but effective. Just shoot everything that moves in a 3D maze-like environment. The 'feel' of these games is 'just right' in my opinion.
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted ('05). I love the police chases in this game. The cars feel very natural in this game.
  • Highway Pursuit by AdamDawes. Just addictive; I can play hours to get the high score.
  • Minecraft. Well... I like building bases in survival with multiple people.
  • Broforce, the action, the explosions, the testosterone. It's epic.

Something that feels like Wolfenstein 3D/Spear end of destiny would be awesome! A clone would not be fun to make. I would say: give it a big twist. Perhaps a bit more stealthy, or maybe some more testosterone (explosions, etc.). Or maybe a bit more puzzly. If you're not able to make something 3D, maybe you could recreate that feel in some other form, like top-down or platformer. I don't mind if you add a story to the game, but "talking to NPCs" is not really my cup of tea.
A browser game would be appreciated.
I would like to share your game on my website. If you don't want that, please let me know using the bot.
Love, wouter52