I'm a santa!

I received a letter! Lets talk about it.

Letter I received:

Hello I am *** and just so you know a little about me I will tell you my 3 favorite game genres, my 3 favorite are horror, survival, and FPS. The theme I give you is "Endless Snow" Make whatever you want of this but I hope you make it cool.

Ok, lets talk about this. My first thoughts are the following:
I think about some snowblizard kind of landscape. Maybe yetis? Or some other preditor that is hunting the player. Then I remembered some old game that had a cool mechanic where the monster only moved when you looked away. Something like the wheeping angles in dr. Who.

I would like to take the "engine" used for SensenCemetary and modify it, so it supports the following stuff:

Image used is from Hugleikur Daggson, from his "Santa exposed" series